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About Harvest Church

Here you can find information about the history and people of Harvest Church.

What is Harvest Church?

Harvest Church is a group of people from the Forest Lake, Hugo, and surrounding communities who came together in 2003 to form a new Evangelical Free church. We began public worship services on June 6th, 2004. For two years, we met on Sunday evenings at New Life Church in downtown Hugo. On October 15th, 2006, we transitioned to Sunday morning worship services at 10:30AM at Century Junior High School on the south side of Forest Lake. Then on July 29, 2007, we moved to the newly built facilities of the Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake, with a 10:00AM service.

Who is Harvest Church for?

Harvest Church is for everyone - literally. We have people from many denominational backgrounds and none are excluded. In fact, if you have never been to church before, Harvest Church would be a perfect place to visit.

What ministries does Harvest Church have?

   The Sunday morning worship service is the most visible ministry that Harvest Church currently has. This service consists of worship through singing, giving and learning from Biblical teaching. Also on Sunday mornings, we have a children's ministries program for ages three through grade four during the second part of the worship service and a nursery for younger children during the entire service. The worship service usually runs 65 - 70 minutes, with an opportunity to visit with other attenders following the service. Service time and location are noted on the Front Page of the website.

   The other ministries of Harvest Church have varied during the life of the church. Since we have not had the full-time use of a public facility, our mid-week ministries have focused on in-home small groups meeting. Our youth group also meets during the week for regular meetings and special activities.

   When moved to this new website, the 'Ministries' page will be where to look for more information on these and other ministries.

How did Harvest Church get started?

The North Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) has long had a strong emphasis on planting new churches. Harvest Church was started with four families in May of 2003 in cooperation with First Evangelical Free Church in Maplewood and the North Central District of the EFCA. Core Group Training (an EFCA church planting curriculum) began in October of that year with a team of 23 adults. This seven month, weekly training time helped us build the infrastructure of what Harvest Church is today. Public worship started in June of 2004 at New Life Church in Hugo, with a move to Century Junior High School in Forest Lake in October of 2006 and then to Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake in July of 2007.

What about that Sunday Evening service at another church?

 In June of 2004, when Harvest Church launched, there were no suitable public facilities available in Hugo for a Sunday morning worship facility. Through God's providence and the extreme graciousness of the people of New Life Church, Harvest Church began it's public life meeting for worship on Sunday evenings at the New Life Church building in Hugo. This met our needs at the time, but Harvest Church fully intended to move to a Sunday morning worship service as soon as God lead us to suitable facilities. After searching all leads in the immediate Hugo area for two years, we made that move in October 2006 when we began meeting in a school district facility in Forest Lake.  

We also continue to investigate the opportunities to purchase land in the Forest Lake or Hugo area to provide for our long term needs. We are prayerfully seeking God's leading in these areas.

How About A Little More-Recent History?

Finally finding a home for Sunday morning worship services, Harvest Church began meeting at the Century Junior High School building in Forest Lake in October of 2006, just three miles from the edge of Hugo. When a facility became available in the summer of 2007 through a brand-new addition at Lakes International Language Academy, we moved our worship service there. This allowed us to meet at the same facility every week without the frequent interruptions that happened at Century.

During this time of location transition, our founding pastor Charles Causey, who was an Army Reserve chaplin, was activated to serve with the Army in Iraq. He left in July, 2006 and returned in November 2007. While Pastor Causey was away, we were served by two different part-time interim pastors. Upon his return, Pastor Causey continued on in a full-time chaplin-type roll with the Army, based at Fort Snelling, while serving Harvest Church in a part-time capacity. This continued until June 2008 when he resigned as pastor of Harvest Church to direct his full attention to his family and the Army job.

Due to financial limitations which had loomed for a long time, by July 2008 Harvest Church was not able to continue renting the facility at Lakes International, and was also not in a financial position to be able to hire the necessary full-time replacement pastor. At that point, Harvest Church, after consultation with the leadership of the North Central District of the EFCA and paying off all its public financial obligations, went into receivership with another area Free Church, with the intention of rebuilding and training a base of congregants and restarting independent operation in the future.

Further inquiries may be directed to 'info (at) HarvestChurchFL.org'.

The Core Values of Harvest Church

God Centered (Mark 12:30) We value prizing God by keeping Him the center of everything we do. We strive to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength through obedience and worship.

Bible Based (2 Timothy 3:16-17) We value the inerrant Word of God as our only authority and foundation. We strive to be not only hearers of the Word but doers of the Word.

Prayer Dependent (Ephesians 6:18) We value a dependency on prayer because it is the lifeline to our Lord. The battle of this ministry will be fought through perseverance in prayer.
Community (John 13:34-35) We value developing a community united in the love of Christ. In large and small groups we strive to develop caring relationships, hold each other accountable and offer newcomers a place to belong.

Evangelism (Matthew 28:19-20) We value building relationships with non-believers because lost people matter to God. Our purpose is to lead people to the risen Christ by communicating a clear Gospel message.

Intentional Ministry (2 Timothy 2:2) We value being proactive and allowing the Holy Spirit to determine the structure of our ministry. We strive for God-honoring vision, creativity and teamwork as we disciple believers, develop empowering leaders and reach people in other areas through church planting and missions.

Servanthood (1 Peter 4:8-11) We value that every Christian is a minister. Because service is love in action, we desire for each person to humbly use their God-given talents and gifts in the body and in our culture while anticipating the return of Christ.

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