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Here you can access recordings of recent message heard at our Sunday morning worship services, and get Harvest Church Library book listings and other useful information.

Sunday Morning Messages

Please note that these are .mp3 files, and are 13-17MB in size - a high-speed connection is recommended.
Key: CC: speaker is Pastor Charles Causey, PR: speaker is Pastor Paul Ratzloff. Other speakers as noted.

Message Series: Making Life Work
June 22, 2008       PR     Part 1 -     (no recording)
June 29, 2008       PR     Part 2 - Taking Initiative

Message Series: Learning to Hear God Speak
April 20, 2008       PR     Part 1 - How to Hear God Speak
May 04, 2008       PR     Part 2 - How God Talks to You
May 18, 2008       PR     Part 3 - How to Recognize God's Voice (no recording)
May 25, 2008       PR     Part 4 - Receiving Guidance from God

Message Series: BRIDGES
March 16, 2008        CC     The Big Picture 
March 30, 2008        CC     Relationships / Intersession
April 06, 2008          CC      Dialogue / God-Focused
April 13, 2008          CC      Environment / Service

Message Series: Values Vital to our Future
January 06, 2008      PR    Part 1 - Endangered Family Values
January 13, 2008      PR    Part 2 - Leadership
January 20, 2008      CC    Part 3 - Opening the Windows of Heaven
January 27, 2008      CC    Part 4 - Treasures in Heaven
February 03, 2008    PR    Part 5 - The Gifts of Exhortation and Mercy (no recording)
February 10, 2008    PR    Part 6 - The Gift of Helps
February 24, 2008    PR    Part 7 - The Gift of Evangelism

Other Messages:
July 13, 2008            Special Speaker Brian Larson     Love    Matthew 22:37-40
July 06, 2008            Special Speaker Rob Hyllested     Knowing God's Will    Romans 12:1-2 
June 15, 2008 - Father's Day   PR   Fathering the heart
June 8, 2008             PR   Love the Lord with All My Strength     Mark 12:30
June 1, 2008             CC   Follow Me: A look at what Jesus was asking his followers    Mark 1:1

May 11, 2008 - Mother's Day   CC   Moms and Service      Matthew 20:20-28
April 27, 2008            Special Speaker Rob Hyllested     Compassion 
March 23, 3008          CC   Easter     Luke 23:13-35
March 09, 2008          PR    Lighthouses of Prayer      Luke 10:5-11
March 02, 2008          Guest Speaker Andy O'Rourke     Living the Mission    Col 4:5-6, 1 Cor 9:19-23
February 17, 2008     CC    Conscience Repair Work   Hebrews 9:13-14

Featured Past Message: What is Worship? - John 4:23-24
Presented by Harvest Church worship director Matt Higgins on December 2, 2007

Earlier Messages:
December 30, 2007   CC   A New Heart for God     Exodus 20:1-17

December 24, 2007   PR   Christmas Eve Message 
December 23, 2007   CC   Reflections on the First Christmas     Matthew 1:18-2:12
December 16, 2007   CC   City of Light     Luke 1:19
December 09, 2007   PR   The Gift of Christmas - God's Love

Recordings of messages prior to December 2007 can be accessed at  this page on the former Harvest Church website.

Harvest Church Library

Joyce and Helen put a lot of work into our church library, especially since we do not have a permanent building to store our library collection. To help you get the books you would like to read, here we have a listing of the adult-level books that are available. Either browse the list on-line or download the .doc file. When you identify a book you would like to borrow, contact Joyce or Helen and they will bring the book to you the next Sunday, or you can arrange to pick it up during the week.

Adult-level book lists (.doc format):        Page 1     Page 2

If you don't have a means to view .doc files, here is a totally free, lightweight (4MB) viewer application that you can download (for Microsoft Windows only).

We also have a good collection of children-level books. A selection from among these are brought to church once a month ("Library Sunday") so the children can browse through them and make their selections.

Downloadable Forms that Harvest Church people might need

Reimbursement Form

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